About TimesUpKidz

TimesUpKidz was published in 2007 by Rain City Digital LLC, a Seattle-based business owned and run by me - Justin Magaram. The software grew out of the frustrations my wife and I experienced trying to ensure our two boys (ages 7 and 9) did not spend too much time in front of the computer. We would set the kitchen timer and give five minute warnings, but inevitably we'd have to nag our kids when their time was over. It wasn't fun being the time cop. Occasionally I let the kids use the computer for longer than their allotted time so I could have more time to myself, only to feel guilty about it later.

In the years since I released TimesUpKidz, I've sold thousands of copies. I've received a lot of positive comments from parents. But the problem of excessive screen time has expanded from the personal computer to a plethora of ubiqitous devices like phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. When I built TimesUpKidz my kids were young enough to only use the computer for entertainment. But as they grew older, they started needing the computer for homework and other positive activities. For older kids, the problem is about limiting time on specific activities rather than limiting total time.

In 2019, I don't think software like TimesUpKidz has as much benefit as it used to. I don't have the resources or personal interest to create "TimesUpKidz 2.0". I don't feel good continuing to promote a product I'm unwilling to invest in and properly support. So I've decided to step away from this business and take the product off the market.

If you purchased TimesUpKidz it should continue to work on your current computer(s). If you need to install TimesUpKidz on a new computer in the future, download the software and then type the personalized product key you purchased into the software to activate it.

If you haven't purchased TimesUpKidz and need a time management solution for your kids, consider the free Microsoft Windows 10 parental controls. I haven't used this software in a while and can't vouch for the quality. I use OpenDNS to block porn in my home. The benefit of OpenDNS is that it works across ALL the devices in your house BUT ONLY IF those devices are accessing the internet through Wi-Fi or your home router. With Apple Screen Time you can monitor and restrict use of Apple phones and tablets.

For all the parents out there struggling to help their kids (or themselves) use technology responsibly, I think the best solution is to delay putting various devices into your children's hands for as long as possible. And once you do, active parenting will be necessary. Parents need to help their kids learn how to manage the addictive nature of these technologies. This is much easier said than done.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can send me a message.

Justin Magaram
TimesUpKidz Founder